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Cannabis is a relatively tight-knit community, an industry born out of activism

The most common entry-level job in the cannabis industry is weed-trimming. These jobs involve cutting the largest leaves from marijuana plants to give them a good visual appeal. This task requires precision and speed. The trimmed buds are sorted, weighed and dried before being sold at dispensaries. For people who are not chefs or dishwashers, bud-trimming is a popular job in Colorado and other states.

The entry-level jobs in harvesting and cultivation are closely linked to the trimming jobs. These jobs involve harvesting and caring for cannabis plants in a grow-house, or on a farm. These jobs are often very physical. These jobs are a great fit for people who love cannabis hiring gardening and landscaping. California’s great climate will continue to make it a top choice for growing jobs.

Like other industries, there are many jobs in the cannabis industry that do not require you to work directly with the product. You can also benefit from the many new opportunities that are available without having to handle any cannabis. Some cannabis-related tech companies, such as those in California and Colorado, allow employees to smoke pot while they work.

The following examples show that jobs in the cannabis industry are as varied as those in other sectors. You don’t have to be knowledgeable or skilled in cannabis, but they are a great help. Any marketable skill or expertise that could help a marijuana-related business with any aspect of its business is sufficient.

Security is still a concern for businesses that operate in the marijuana industry, despite legalization in many states. The high value of marijuana makes it a prime target for thieves. Cash is also a target. Because cannabis businesses are not allowed to open federally insured bank accounts they must operate as cash-only companies. They must also transport large sums of cash between locations and store cash in their own safes. The cannabis industry is highly motivated by people who have received law enforcement training. There are security opportunities available for dispensaries, growers and edibles manufacturers.

Are you a marijuana user? If you’re not, don’t be discouraged. You don’t have to have any previous experience with marijuana consumption in order to be considered for most jobs. You won’t be required to smoke cannabis while on the job. It is your professional skills and demeanor that really matter. Employers in the cannabis industry are known to actively screen for obvious marijuana users.

Keep in mind, however, that the cannabis job market is highly competitive. Many job seekers are leaving states where marijuana is illegal to take advantage of legalization. The market can be particularly competitive in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, like Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts. These tips are even more important.

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