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The Truth And Reality Of Incarnated Angels

I will wager the considerable majority of you readers preceding to arriving right here did no longer realize or consciously believe that holy (and fallen) angels can incarnate as people or that people can ascend to angelic popularity thru what’s referred to as “Christ-recognition” while still residing inside the flesh. I have written a large, unfastened-to-study religious autobiography about my spiritual awakening.

Stories of Are we angels seem in just about each religion, but lots of those religions will firmly kingdom that angels will by no means incarnate. Some suppose that angel incarnates are the so-called fallen angels. This isn’t virtually proper. It is the writer’s wish to educate the reader as to the fact of these realities, being a divine prophet and real incarnated angel within the flesh.

Many people do no longer even believe in angels, given that they have in no way individually visible one themselves, or they do not accept as true with in God – notwithstanding the evidence for the Creator’s existence – which, through common sense, way they will no longer trust in angels considering the fact that angels are palms of the Divine. These non-believers encompass atheists and Buddhists, as an example. Many lump angels into the equal class as aliens – as something of a “fringe” subject matter now not really worth discussing rationally or taken seriously.

Many skeptics do not accept as true with angels own “wings” and therefore trust it is a fictional “fabrication” or imagination of artists who create stunning paintings of angels with wings. I am here to nation once and for all, clearing up plenty confusion approximately angels, that many DO in reality own wings. I even have seen my personal wings visually – and this could appear hard to trust but it is all true – so have many, many different human beings on dozens and dozens of activities for three half of years with their bare eyes.

I can describe those wings for you. They are approximately eight feet tall, swan-like, exotically stunning, unearthly, bluish-white, etheric wings of pure divine mild and you can see via them. They have an nearly bodily sensation as they glide outwards from the back, and that they sense cool, like frost or snowflakes gently landing on the pores and skin.

Incarnated angels are spirits of the angelic realm who incarnate as people to help human beings study something very particular, to heal, guide, enlighten human beings or act as messengers which includes a divine prophet like Daniel. Because angelic beings are so near spiritually to the Creator, they have a tendency to be very innovative as humans. Communication is frequently difficult for them, so they generally tend to communicate through music, artwork or writing, like this author. Like Paul and Moses of the Bible, I am slow of speech, quiet and therefore communicate higher in writing.

Another time period for incarnated angels is “Earth Angels.” Most of those beings do now not in reality make themselves public like this author is required to do by means of divine will, as a prophet, due to the ridicule and harsh attacks they obtain from those living in non secular lack of awareness. Earth Angels are intuitive, empathic, touchy and giving regularly to a fault, with the very idea of tragedy nipping at their heels.

The phrases “angel” and/or “prophet,” properly defined, each mean Messenger-a Greek term.

Did you now not realize Daniel of the Bible changed into in reality a holy incarnate angel of God, in which it states three times he turned into “endowed with the spirit of the holy gods?” This turned into merely some other way of pronouncing holy (incarnated) angels.

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